Senior Living Platinum Power Program

You are one decision away from:

   Energized Teams

   Energized Leadership

   Energized Retention

   Energized Resident Care

   Energized JOY

But there’s a problem…

Senior living teams have been through a lot. Many are still drained by residual effects of COVID, workforce issues, changing regulations and budgets, leaving them burned out, worn out, maxed out, and worst of all — WALKING out. 

The solution is to ENERGIZE your teams so they can serve with JOY. Now is the time to POWER UP your organization. 

The Platinum Power Program

What is the Platinum Power Program?

A program designed to increase your directors’ effectiveness, productivity, and joy in their leadership roles. The outcomes we focus on achieving are:

  • Building trust 
  • Fostering engagement, contribution
  • Decreasing incivility and conflict, and increasing collaboration
  • Cultivating a culture of celebration 
  • Strengthening the community so people stay

Who is the Platinum Power Program for?

Busy senior living leaders and directors at Independent, AI, CCRC, and SNF will all benefit from the tactics, tools and interactive sessions. 

This is perfect for teams who need and want professional development, but don’t have the internal resources to offer a comprehensive, easy answer. 

Why is Kathy Parry the right expert to Power UP your teams?

Kathy has worked with hundreds of senior living leaders and understands the issues that are draining your teams of energy. She wrote the book, Senior Living Power: Energize and Serve with JOY after seeing how COVID, workforce and regulation issues have burned out great leaders. Kathy has been training teams in organizational, leadership and personal energy for over 20 years. 

How does the Platinum Power Program work?

Most groups choose to kick off with an in-person workshop and follow up with a six-month virtual implementation program. But if your team is scattered and that doesn’t work, the entire program can be implemented virtually and participants can apply tactics immediately with their teams. 

Live Event: This inspirational full-day session will not only lay the foundation for the next six months of implementation, but also inspire, motivate and energize your team. Topics covered include, resilient mindset, clear communication, concentrated goals, contributing, civility, community, care and celebrating.  

What’s next?

Schedule your POWER REVIEW Session.

In this session we will assess:

  1. The energy drains that are negatively impacting your retention, workforce and residents.
  2. The systems, processes or people that need to be energized.
  3. How the Platinum Power Plan may work for your teams.

This session is complementary. And I guarantee that you will leave with at least a couple of tactics to being your POWER UP program.