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Kathy Parry Keynote Speaker

Kathy speaking

Kathy’s enthusiasm, passion and humor engage her audiences in a way that makes them eager to adapt principles and tactics the very day they hear Kathy’s message. Sought after for her relatable stories and inspirational message Kathy uses her own tragic personal story to help attendees discover how they too can be resilient when facing adversity.

Kathy delivers a roadmap for success that transcends industries and leaves your company, association or conference attendees ready to live their most engaged and productive lives.

Rubber Band Resilience:

How to Stretch Without Snapping

It’s easy to think it won’t happen to you; the tragic event, the lost client, the economic downturn. Road blocks and unforeseen adversity, both personal and professional, stretch us every day. In this powerful keynote Kathy will share how devastating news led her on a journey to discovering the keys to thriving in the face of challenging circumstances. Kathy will inspire and encourage your audience to stretch, not snap when faced with disruption. Learn the secrets, tips and tactics to becoming Rubber Band Resilient. Known for her candid stories and optimistic approach, Kathy is an expert in creating energetic teams and engaged professionals.

Learning objectives:

  • Create an atmosphere where adversity is confronted so team members can make a plan to stay effective during challenging times
  • Empower attendees to create their personal resiliency plan so they remain productive and engaged
  • Increase communication skills in order to move through difficult events so that client experience is not impacted

Running on Empty:

Stop Feeling Stressed-Out, Burned-Out and Living on Take-Out

Work must get done. But while your team is meeting deadlines, plowing through strategy sessions and meeting the demands of clients, they are also exhausting their personal resources. In this powerful keynote, Kathy will take you on a ride to help your group understand how refueling, routine maintenance and a good old pleasure ride can increases utilization, engagement and productivity. Stress, long hours and compromised health are results of the demands on your team, but they don’t have to ruin their well-being and effectiveness. Full of real-life antidotes, humorous stories and tactics that can be used immediately, Kathy will leave your audience supercharged!

This keynote can extend to breakouts or half day workshops.

Learning Objectives:

  • Boost engagement at all levels in your organization by employing a 3 step system for personal productivity
  • Consistently increase employee utilization to have a positive impact on bottom line
  • Supercharge your team to keep them on track and engaged during high-stress periods

Road Warriors Guide To Curbing Exhaustion

Missed flights, traffic delays and sleepless nights are par for the course for many professionals, but all this takes a toll on energy levels and can lead to low productivity and effectiveness. Keeping energy high while traveling is the goal of this fast-paced, humorous keynote. From the depths of travel nightmares Kathy will bring your group an exceptional plan for boosting immunity, eating on the road and avoiding exhaustion.

This keynote can extend to breakouts or half day workshops.

Learning Objectives:

  • Boost the quality of your professionals’ travel experiences so they arrive at clients energized and engaged
  • Sell more services trusting that your personnel are able to engage and perform on the road
  • Position your company as a leader in people performance and enhance the client experience
  • Help team members maximize effectiveness by teaching resiliency tips

Stressed Out,
Burned Out and
Living on Take Out:
Rise Above Early Career Burnout

Early career professionals face challenges that if not addressed can negatively affect your retention and engagement levels. Adjustment to the rigors of a professional career can over-whelm even the most knowledgeable new recruits. With funny antidotes gathered from her work with millennials, including her own children, Kathy Parry speaks the language of the largest generation in the workforce. This keynote will equip your early career professionals with the tools they need to feel energetic and to engage at the highest level and avoid burnout.

This keynote can extend to breakouts and half day workshops.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase emotional and functional well-being of new recruits in order improve retention
  • Attract better and more qualified candidates by demonstrating a commitment to work-life balance
  • Equip early-career professionals to cope with increased demands of more senior positions

The Ultimate Recipe for an Energetic Life

Is your team powering through their day with caffeine and candy? Do you see loss of focus or productivity? 74% of 150,000 people admit to being tired at some point during their day. When teams burnout, clients suffer and people leave. Kathy will give your group actionable steps and the inspiration to make changes to physically affect energy levels.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the two things most people use to stay energized and why they are damaging your bottom line
  • Learn the five steps to gaining energy so that professionals stay optimized all day
  • Create a culture where healthful habits are encouraged so that professionals feel a commitment to work-life balance

The Resilient Woman:
Leading Effectively Even When Adversity Knocks You Down

The tragic health event, the restructuring of a department or the loss of key personal can take a toll on the professional woman’s ability to lead. Add in the responsibilities of family and most women leaders know and understand how draining it can be knocked down by adverse events. Kathy shares her R3 method for staying resilient in stressful times. This keynote will inspire your audience to react, reframe and re-energize when less-than-ideal situations prevail.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the different reactions to adversity and how to use them to develop a positive outcome
  • Increase awareness of growth mindset to keep teams engaged and productive during transitional events
  • Learn to escalate both personal and organizational energy levels to decrease absenteeism and increase retention