Inspiring Keynotes

Kathy Parry, Keynote Speaker

Kathy speaking
Your audience deserves enthusiasm, passion and humor! Kathy engages her audiences in a way that makes them eager to adapt principles and tactics the very day they hear her inspiring message. Your team is “powered-up” and ready to launch new ideas and initiatives after Kathy's session.  Attendees discover how they can be resilient when facing adversity.

“Kathy really got us thinking in new directions. The best speaker at the conference.” – International Management Accounting Conference

Kathy delivers a roadmap for success that transcends industries and leaves your company, association or conference attendees ready to live their most engaged and productive lives.

Rubber Band Resilience:

How to Stretch Without Snapping

With quotes like, “transform or die” and “disruption is king” it is pertinent that changes, especially those from technology, regulations and staffing, be embraced by professionals. The ability to apply a disruption-friendly mindset to transitional shifts will be necessary to serve customers, retain personnel and grow revenue. Equipping your team with the skill set to move through transitions while continuing to produce is imperative for organizational success.

Road blocks and unforeseen adversity, both personal and professional, stretch us every day. In this powerful keynote/session Kathy will share how devastating news led her on a journey to discovering the keys to thriving in the face of challenging circumstances. While sharing her 3-R method for resilient behaviors (React, Reframe, Re-energize), Ms. Parry will engage the audience using questions, humore and interactive exercises.

Kathy will inspire and encourage your audience to stretch, not snap when faced with disruption.

Learning objectives:

  • Create an atmosphere where adversity is confronted so team members can make a plan to stay effective during challenging times
  • Empower attendees to create their personal resiliency plan so they remain productive and engaged
  • Increase communication skills in order to move through difficult events so that client experience is not impacted
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Senior Living Power UP 

Elevate, Engage and Energize

You have heard the way the media portrays Senior Living. All facets are lumped together, and a negative image is presented. This is NOT what Senior Living Life is about. You know there is so much more to the amazing work you and your teams do. But how can you change the mindset, elevate the profession and recruit and retain great people?

In this session Kathy Parry will walk you through tactics to change the narrative in senior living. Taking steps to elevate the profession in the eyes of potential recruits and residents will lead to increases in both retention and census. Participants will power up further, they learn ways to escalate engagement on their teams. Engagement leads to staying power! Finally, Kathy will encourage participants to power up and elevate personal energy for themselves and their teams. Powering UP the profession, teams and individuals is only a few steps away.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify ways to create positive mindsets and use power-up language about senior living
  2. Discover 5 ways to increase engagement for employees so retention increases
  3. Understand how increased personal energy promotes better team dynamics, organizational vision and resident satisfaction

Solve the Mystery of Energized Organizations

Why do some organizations feel energized? Work gets done, employees are engaged, and drama is low. In this powerful session, Kathy Parry will give critical tools to help attendees solve the mystery behind energized teams. Employing her E4 method and some inspiration from Einstein, Kathy teaches clear strategies for powering up teams and increasing communication and organizational energy.

The loss of collaborative energy can cause even the most innovative organizations to be accused of drama and dullness. Hung up on old tactics, outdated processes or unproductive communication leads to lethargic teams. But participants will learn tips, tools and tactics to better work together to solve this mystery. Sleuthing through Kathy’s E4 method, MI SHRM professionals will exemplify, examine, extinguish and embark on a collaborative journey. With simple steps and a few lightning bolts of inspiration, Kathy will have your attendees ready to launch their own power up initiatives.

Learning Objectives-

  • Understand the types of events and interactions that create lethargy in a team or organization
  • Develop organizational mindsets to create a collaborative work environment so that communications are clear, and teams work productively
  • Learn methods to increase organizational energy to decrease absenteeism and increase retention
  • Extinguish pre-conceived notions of how to work together and develop a plan to use all team member’s strengths.

Running on Empty:

Stop Feeling Stressed-Out, Burned-Out and Living on Take-Out

Work must get done. But while your team is meeting deadlines, plowing through strategy sessions and meeting the demands of clients, they are also exhausting their personal resources. In this powerful keynote, Kathy will take you on a ride to help your group understand how refueling, routine maintenance and a good old pleasure ride can increases utilization, engagement and productivity. Stress, long hours and compromised health are results of the demands on your team, but they don’t have to ruin their well-being and effectiveness. Full of real-life antidotes, humorous stories and tactics that can be used immediately, Kathy will leave your audience supercharged!

This keynote can extend to breakouts or half day workshops.

Learning Objectives:

  • Boost engagement at all levels in your organization by employing a 3 step system for personal productivity
  • Consistently increase employee utilization to have a positive impact on bottom line
  • Supercharge your team to keep them on track and engaged during high-stress periods

Building Resilient Teams: Remodel, Renew and Re-Energize

  • Your team’s foundation is shaken. The COVID19 pandemic brought new levels of stress, fear, and workload to your team. So how do build a better team as you move through this new environment together?

    In this session Kathy Parry walks you through the big issues facing you and your team post-pandemic. First, we look at the effects of the mental and physical exhaustion that have compounded over the last year. Acknowledging this stress, not only personally but as a team gives a foundation to start building on. In any good building project, we will grab the right tools to care for each other and build back up. Using interactive exercises, storytelling, and a bit of humor Kathy will give your team critical insights on how to begin the building project. Participants will also build a timeline for their caring project by working through an outline for each phase of the building project.

    Loaded with their assessment, tools and timeline, participants will build their individual and team resilience. Stress, workload, and fear may be with us, but building each other up and finding ways to care will be the outcome of this session.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify how the pandemic has affected themselves and their team by examining both a mental and physical burnout
    • Learn the five critical tools needed to care for each other and build resilient teams
    • Create a project timeline for building a caring team model that includes resources to take back to their teams


Stressed Out,
Burned Out and
Living on Take Out:
Rise Above Early Career Burnout

Early career professionals face challenges that if not addressed can negatively affect your retention and engagement levels. Adjustment to the rigors of a professional career can over-whelm even the most knowledgeable new recruits. With funny antidotes gathered from her work with millennials, including her own children, Kathy Parry speaks the language of the largest generation in the workforce. This keynote will equip your early career professionals with the tools they need to feel energetic and to engage at the highest level and avoid burnout.

This keynote can extend to breakouts and half day workshops.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase emotional and functional well-being of new recruits in order improve retention
  • Attract better and more qualified candidates by demonstrating a commitment to work-life balance
  • Equip early-career professionals to cope with increased demands of more senior positions

The Resilient Woman:
Leading Effectively Even When Adversity Knocks You Down

The tragic health event, the restructuring of a department or the loss of key personal can take a toll on the professional woman’s ability to lead. Add in the responsibilities of family and most women leaders know and understand how draining it can be knocked down by adverse events. Kathy shares her R3 method for staying resilient in stressful times. This keynote will inspire your audience to react, reframe and re-energize when less-than-ideal situations prevail.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the different reactions to adversity and how to use them to develop a positive outcome
  • Increase awareness of growth mindset to keep teams engaged and productive during transitional events
  • Learn to escalate both personal and organizational energy levels to decrease absenteeism and increase retention