Kathy Parry - Corporate Energy Expert

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Helping Burned-Out, Maxed-Out, Stressed-Out Professionals Fuel their Lives for Career Success

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I work with leading professional services organizations including: Consulting, Accounting, Banking and Healthcare that want to energize employees in order to BOOST PERFORMANCE, INCREASE RETENTION and IMPROVE STAFF UTILIZATION.

I get what you’re up against. I started my career in banking and have worked with hundreds of burned out professionals. Busy-season, life on the road, airport food, calls with global partners at 2am, skipped meals, no sleep – oh and deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. All of this can leave employees depleted. Or as one financial services director recently told me, “I felt like life was being sucked out of me.”

Let’s restore your team. I will help your group feel engaged and energetic so they can serve your clients, customers and patients and exceed expectations.

Clients Kathy Has Worked With