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“I have received wonderful feedback on your portion of our meeting. It was very well received, as I’m sure you could tell by the energy and long line for questions.”

Mary Ellen Baker

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Services PNC Bank National Headquarters


Ignite Your Pro Advantage

Running on Empty: A Roadtrip to Productivity and Engagemetn


Work must get done. But while your team is meeting deadlines, plowing through strategy sessions and meeting the demands of clients, they are also exhausting their personal resources. In these powerful workshops or breakout sessions, Kathy will inspire and inform your group to help them understand how the ability to be resilient increases utilization, engagement and productivity. Stress, long hours and compromised health are results of the demands on your team, but they don’t have to ruin their well-being and effectiveness. Full of real-life antidotes, humorous stories and tactics that can be used immediately, Kathy will leave your audience supercharged!

The Road Warriors Guide

The Road Warriors Guide


Missed flights, traffic delays and sleepless nights are par for the course for many professionals, but all this takes a toll on energy levels and can lead to low productivity and effectiveness. Keeping energy high while traveling is the goal of this fast-paced, humorous keynote. From the depths of travel nightmares Kathy will bring your group an exceptional plan for boosting immunity, eating on the road and avoiding exhaustion. If chosen for breakout or workshop this session will focus on individual tactics that attendees can use to feel more energetic on the road.

The Bear is Chasing Me

The Energy Summit: Power Up and Perform


Why do some organizations just feel energized? Work gets done, employees are engaged, and drama is low. In this powerful session, Kathy Parry will give critical tools to help attendees turn up the energy in their organizations. Employing her E3 method and some inspiration from superheroes, Kathy teaches clear strategies for powering up teams and increasing personal and organizational energy.

The loss of organizational and personal energy can cause even the most innovative organizations to stumble. Hung up on old tactics, outdated processes or unproductive communication leads to lethargic teams. But with simple steps and a few lightning bolts of inspiration, Kathy will have your attendees ready to launch their own Power Up initiatives.