Is your family healthy?

  • Do your children peel open boxes instead of peeling fruit?
  • Are you too tired and run-down to fight the “healthy food battle” with your family?
  • Are your children missing out on the nutrients they need to grow? Fight disease? Stay healthy?

According to the 1997 medical journal Pediatrics, only 1% of children in the US get the proper RDA levels of the essential nutrients from their diets.

  • But does the prospect of eating tasteless health food make you want to run to the closest drive-thru?
  • And do your children complain every time they see something green at dinner?

If you KNOW your family could be eating better, but you’ve grown discouraged, then it’s time for a ROAD TRIP!

30 Day Roadtrip to a Healthier Family


Kathy Parry StoreI’m Kathy Parry. My thirty-day guide will introduce the foundations of family healthy eating, one day at a time. Each day you’ll learn about a food or principle that your family needs.

But you’ll get more than just great information; each day of your Roadtrip will come with an easy “Action Step.” These exercises will encourage you and your family to learn more, try new foods, and improve your health.

And finally, every day you’ll receive a “Golden Carrot.” Pulled from the headlines and recent medical studies, these items are critical information about the positive results of a whole food diet.

30 Day Roadtrip is a great tool to use to refocus what we put in our mouths, and it helped me approach meals with organization and thought. Plus, the facts and sidebar info are really eye-opening. Susan, mother of three

Some of the Important Principles You Learn on Your Journey:

  • Whole foods are necessary for your family’s health
  • Without certain nutrients, your family’s health is in serious danger
  • Chemicals in food affect our health
  • Find time to make healthy food that your family WILL eat

I am a mother of four children, and I understand how discouraging the complaining can be. You spend time making a healthful meal only to get eye-rolls and at least one child who tries to feed it to the dog.

But with the day-by-day approach to change offered in my book, you can gradually improve your family’s habits. Just like any good roadtrip, moving at your own pace makes the journey enjoyable!

“This chicken is better than Chic-Fil-A.” Tyler, age 11, about Crispy Parmesan Chicken Strips

You Don’t Have Time for a Healthy Lifestyle?

In 30 Day Roadtrip to a Healthier Family you’ll learn techniques to help you:

  • Find time to shop and prepare healthy food
  • Enjoy recipes for 3 weeks of healthful dinners
  • Learn my “secret weapon” of meal planning
  • Keep food in your house that your family will eat

You’ll Learn the Answers to Questions Like These:

  • Does my child eat too much sugar?
  • What natural chemical compounds do your children need?
  • What one food is your child eating that could damage his neurological system?
  • What does a piece of fruit have that a vitamin supplement just can’t replace?
  • Is hiding vegetables the best way to get children to eat healthy?
  • Does eating out really take less time than eating at home?

“I’m making whole foods that are more pure, not stuff from a box.… My kids now ask for salads.” Jill, mother of three

Features in 30 Day Roadtrip to a Healthier Family that every family needs:

  • Easy-to-use format helps you keep on track
  • “Driver’s Manual” filled with worksheets and information critical for your journey
  • Find hidden sugar using the “50 Different Names for Sugar” guide
  • Learn tricks and tactics for adding whole foods to your family meals
  • Information sheet with ideas and profiles of the “Ten Best Foods for Snacks
  • Three weeks of dinner recipes with pictures and comments
  • Worksheets to help you uncover your family’s roadblocks

For the low price of $19.99 just $14.99 (that’s 20% off the regular price) you can download Thirty-Day Roadtrip to a Healthier Family RIGHT NOW and start your Roadtrip TODAY!

In this 80 page ebook, you’ll find 30 delicious recipes and over 100 helpful tips to help get your family eating better.

What are you waiting for?

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If your family’s health is important to you, download the ebook today!

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