My Vitamix Blender is one of the hardest working tools in my kitchen! To me other blenders just don’t compare. I’ve owned mine for about 8 years and use it EVERY day. The most important thing to consider when buying a blender is the size of the motor. And Vitamix is so powerful it can make nut butters and grind through raw foods with ease.

Let me tell you about my experience with Vitamix customer service. A rubber gasket had worn through on my blender. I need to grind my daughter’s food to a smooth consistency every day. I called Vitamix and because their blenders come with a lifetime guarantee, they repaired it for FREE. But before I sent my blender in…they sent me a loaner blender!!

If you’re serious about smoothies, whole-real foods, and improved health, the Vitamix will help you get there.

Red Vitamix blender

If you buy your blender through my website I will send you a FREE copy of my book: Eating for Energy: Four Seasons of Real Food. I will also send you a downloadable book of 25 smoothie recipes: Smoothies for all Seasons. These are valued at nearly $50.00.

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Then send a copy of your receipt (just take a picture or send me your email receipt) along with your address and I will get your goodies to you!

Send to: with the subject line: Vitamix Promo

And there are even more ways to save. Did you know you could order a Certified Reconditioned Vitamix? This is like a luxury previously owned blender program. Available at the Outlet. Use the Promo Code 06-0110181 for Free Shipping and Smoothies for all Seasons. (Eating for Energy Book is not available for a Reconditioned Purchase)

You will LOVE your Vitamix and the amazing creations you make in it!

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