She does not wear a cape. He is not able to leap tall building in a single bound. And she certainly does not shoot spider webs from her wrists. But caregivers need to be elevated to heroes regardless.

And they should be. Anyone who has been a caregiver, either professionally or for a family member knows exactly the toll it takes. But most caregivers do not want or need the label of hero to do what they do.

Most caregivers do it because of love. Love for another human being. It is that simple.

There is lot of discourse in this country. A lack of love for other human beings. But caregivers live in a space of humanity. They can look in a hurting person’s eyes and see themselves. Empathy is the cape caregivers wear.

During the pandemic, I witnessed caregivers whose capes of empathy were stretched, ragged and torn. They had used so much of their own heart caring for those who needed them, they suffered. They are worn out, stressed out and burned out.

If you are not a caregiver, your time is now. It is time for all of us to rally. To care for our caregivers.

How do you do it? Where do you start, especially if you don’t know a caregiver? Being someone smart is one of the tactics I teach when helping professionals become more resilient. It means sharing your gift with someone who may need it during a disruption. When we share our knowledge, we build resilience for others and ourselves.

Are you a financial planner? Reach out to an assisted living facility and offer to have a virtual Q & A for their caregivers.

Do you have the gift of technology? Create an online portal for a patients to express gratitude to their caregivers.

How do you find out what to give? Ask. Call up a few people you know who are caregivers or who serve caregivers. Just start asking. Have a conversation. Even it is just a friend caring for an elderly parent or special needs child.

Go get your cape of humanity out. Put it on. Care for the caregivers.

Are you a professional care giver or manage a team of caregivers? You can download a post-pandemic resilience TOOL KIT here