Emerging Leaders Development

Early Career PRO Advantage:
Productive | Resilient | Optimized

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Would you like to retain your associate level employees longer?
Are you frustrated by Millennials who are not adapting to the rigors of their positions?
Do you want energetic employees who can manage stress effectively?
Is your organization equipping new hires to take on the demands of more senior positions?

If you want better answers to these tough questions then you want to implement a PRO Advantage Program so that new hires stay and grow with your organization.

Early career professionals face challenges that if not addressed can negatively affect your retention and engagement levels. Adjustment to the rigors of a professional career can over-whelm even the most knowledgeable new recruits. With funny antidotes gathered from her work with millennials, including her own children, Kathy Parry speaks the language of the largest generation in the workforce. With options for keynote, breakout or workshops Kathy will equip your early career professionals with the tools they need to feel energetic, engage at the highest level and avoid burnout.


stressed person

Stressed Out, Burned Out and Living on Take Out:
Rise Above Early Career Burnout


Learning Objectives:

  • Increase emotional and functional well-being of new recruits in order improve retention
  • Attract better and more qualified candidates by demonstrating a commitment to work-life balance
  • Equip early-career professionals to cope with increased demands of more senior positions

The Resilient Leader


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the different reactions to adversity and how to use them to develop a positive outcome
  • Increase awareness of growth mindset to keep teams engaged and productive during transitional events
  • Learn to escalate both personal and organizational energy levels to decrease absenteeism and increase retention

“Wow! Just wow! It was an extreme pleasure to have Kathy speak to our group about how we could lead more energetic and productive lives. Her speech was highly impactful and would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to help their people lead better lives.”

Rishi Mittal

Strategy & Operations, Deloitte Consulting LLP