For snacks try the following things to keep you full and satisfied.  Proteins and fats help you feel full.    Plan your snacks and prepare so you always have a healthier option.

1. Hummus and vegetables or whole wheat pita.  The beans and fat in this hold you. Pick a day to cut up vegetables so you have them ready to eat.  The easier it is to find a snack the more likely you are to eat it.  This goes for your kids too.

2. Nuts – nuts have wonderful trace minerals like selenium and magnesium that we often don’t get enough of.  Make your own trail mix if you need that sweet/salty combination.  Add dried fruit or sunflower seeds for different tastes.  Nuts are higher in fat than some snacks, so don’t go crazy.

3. Almond butter or a natural peanut butter on apples, bananas or whole wheat pretzels

4. Pita Crisps or Tortilla Crisps  – cut whole wheat pita/tortillas into 6-8 wedges.  Spray a cooking sheet with Pam or lightly coat with olive oil.  Sprinkle the chips with your favorite seasonings. I use salt, garlic powder, sometimes cumin and chili powder.  Bake them at 350 for 10 minutes or until slightly brown on edges.  Eat with salsa or yogurt dip (see below)

5. Yogurt – add Stevia and cocoa powder to plain/no fat yogurt.  This tastes a lot like chocolate pudding and no sugar or fat.  I also like to add instant espresso for a mocha flavor.  You can also add a low sugar fruit spread to the yogurt.

6. Cheese – I’m not a huge fan of snacking on cheese because it usually is higher in fat and you shouldn’t eat a ton of it, but it does hold you for longer than some snacks.  Cut small cubes ahead of time so you know how much to portion.

7. Flavored popcorn.  Try sprinkling with different herbs or seasonings.  Avoid artificially flavored seasonings and look for natural ones.

8. Chocolate covered almonds – my favorite treat.  These really satisfy because they offer more substance than just straight chocolate.  Your brain actually receives the message that you ate something.  These are what broke my straight chocolate habit.

9. Fruit.  Fruit is a natural sugar, so you can eat too much.  Think about eating an apple a day.  Yes, sounds corny!  It is crunchy, high in fiber and the pectin has been shown to be a natural detox agent.  Because you get to chew so much with an apple you get more satisfaction than some other fruits. Wash fruit and keep it visible in a bowl in the refrigerator.

10.  Smoothie – If you’re craving sweets, a smoothie is a great way to feel satisfied.  Fruit and yogurt work well. You can also use one of the many powdered varieties out there. Look for ones without artificial sweeteners or flavors.  I sell a chocolate one that is low sugar and healthy and quite tasty.

11. Homemade muffins.  The thing I love about a healthy muffin is the amount of fiber.  Using flax, oatbran, whole fruits and whole wheat are great ways to make a healthier treat.  See the recipe section for some ideas.

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