Are you feeding your family the foods they need to stay healthy?

The Real Food Real Family Program is the super simple online system for families that struggle with picky eaters, fast-food dinners, too much sugar and too few vegetables!

You will discover how to get your family to eat whole real foods and live a healthy life!

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At the End of the Program You Will:

  • Understand How Your Family Eats
  • Develop a Plan that Works for You
  • Learn the Foods that Will Keep You Healthy and Energized
  • Eliminate the Chemicals Most Likely to Cause Disease
  • Reduce the Dangerous Effects of Sugar
  • Learn How to Address Your Picky Eaters
  • Know Exactly What to Say to Help Your Family Understand the Importance of Whole Real Food
  • Learn the Fastest Ways to Get Real Food Made

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What Others Are Saying About The Real Food Real Family Program:

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Susan A.
“I’m a busy mom of 3 young boys. Kathy has helped me provide them with healthy meals that taste good.  Before Kathy’s help, this was a challenge because they are picky eaters and they LOVE the junk.   I fell into the trap of excuses for not having enough time to make healthy delicious meals and my kids suffered for it.  Our pediatrician had warned me about the potential dangers of childhood obesity. Kathy has helped me stay on top of things with her mentoring program to help me with planning meals, organize grocery lists, utilize my time more efficiently, and make fast, delicious, healthy meals!  As a result, my boys eat more fruits, veggies and whole foods.  Now our pediatrician writes “keep up the good work” on our wellness check up reports!  My husband loves the changes Kathy has made in our family, and that’s the best part.  I highly recommend Kathy’s services to anyone and everyone in search of good health.” 

 Photo of Melissa K
Melissa K
“Kathy is amazing! Her videos and fun-sheets really pumped me up and got me excited to make the changes we’ve needed in our family. Not only that… She makes it fun, easy and time saving for busy families. I won’t be surprised to see this lady on a show like Dr. Oz at some point! Thanks Kathy!”

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Created By Kathy Parry – Your Real Food Coach and Mother of Four!

Kathy Parry is passionate about food. Real food. She helps others understand what real, whole foods are and how they affect health and vitality. Raised by parents who grew a garden full of vegetables, Kathy has long embraced a whole food diet. Food has the power to transform health and Kathy wants to share her love of eating whole, real foods with you. Ms. Parry is the author of The Ultimate Recipe for an Energetic Life and Hung Over, Sleep-Deprived, Over-Caffeinated and Living on Pizza.

Bonuses Included in The Real Food Real Family Program:

sales page collage   Interviews with Amy Rosekelley of Super Healthy Kids on Meal Planning and Betsy Moore of BMoore Healthy on Feeding Toddlers and Babies and Sally Kuzemchak of Real Mom Nutrition on Lunches and Snacking!  PLUS A Private Facebook Page for all members! I will stop in to answer questions and help you stay on course! [button align=”center” color=”lightred” size=”large” link=”/real-food-real-family-program-buy/”]Add to Cart[/button]

Summary of Your Program:

Module #1 What are You Eating?

You’ll go deep inside your habits and learn the five ways families eat.  Is one better than the other?  You’ll learn that any lifestyle can adapt to eating real whole food.  And you will learn how to get your family’s commitment to some changes.

Module #2 Danger Foods

You’ll be given resources to help you find these foods in your home and ways to reduce your family’s exposure.  Taking some foods away will be grounds for resistance…but I will show you methods to deal with your critics!

Module #3  How am I Going to Do This??

Shows you how to make it all happen.  Yes, you really can do this!  You can transform your family’s health and get them on board for the changes.

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And just in case you think this may not work for you…I’m giving you a 100% Money Back Guarantee!  I am confident that you will use the methods and information in The Real Food Real Family Program to make significant changes for your family and their health!  This will work for you, or you will get your money back!

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