“If you are interested in learning–in a VERY engaging and useful format – I highly recommend Kathy Parry as a speaker. Kathy brings great energy to her presentations and her audiences can look forward to some specific take-aways!”

Marti Wiseman

Director, Talent Development at Eat’n Park Hospitality Group

Ignite Your PRO Advantage: Productive | Resilient |Optimized

Work must get done. But while your team is meeting deadlines, plowing through strategy sessions and meeting the demands of clients, they are also exhausting their personal resources. In this powerful keynote, Kathy will inspire and inform your group to help them understand how the ability to be resilient increases utilization, engagement and productivity. Stress, long hours and compromised health are results of the demands on your team, but they don’t have to ruin their well-being and effectiveness. Full of real-life antidotes, humorous stories and tactics that can be used immediately, Kathy will leave your audience supercharged!

This keynote can extend to breakouts or half day workshops

Learning Objectives:

  • Boost engagement at all levels in your organization by employing a 5 step system for personal productivity
  • Consistently increase employee utilization to have a positive impact on bottom line
  • Supercharge your professional service team to keep them on track and engaged during high-stress periods


Road Warriors Guide to Curbing Exhaustion

Missed flights, traffic delays and sleepless nights are par for the course for many professionals, but all this takes a toll on energy levels and can lead to low productivity and effectiveness. Keeping energy high while traveling is the goal of this fast-paced, humorous keynote. From the depths of travel nightmares Kathy will bring your group an exceptional plan for boosting immunity, eating on the road and avoiding exhaustion.

This keynote can extend to breakouts or half day workshops

Learning Objectives:

  • Boost the quality of your professionals’ travel experiences so they arrive at clients energized and engaged
  • Sell more services trusting that your personnel are able to engage and perform on the road
  • Position your company as a leader in people performance and enhance the client experience
  • Help team members maximize effectiveness by teaching resiliency tips


Stressed Out, Burned Out and Living on Take Out:

Rise Above Early Career Burnout

Early career professionals face challenges that if not addressed can negatively affect your retention and engagement levels. Adjustment to the rigors of a professional career can over-whelm even the most knowledgeable new recruits. With funny antidotes gathered from her work with millennials, including her own children, Kathy Parry speaks the language of the largest generation in the workforce. This keynote will equip your early career professionals with the tools they need to feel energetic, engage at the highest level and avoid burnout.

This keynote can extend to breakouts and half day workshops

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase emotional and functional well-being of new recruits in order improve retention
  • Attract better and more qualified candidates by demonstrating a commitment to work-life balance
  • Equip early-career professionals to cope with increased demands of more senior positions


The Secret to Ultimate Energy 

Do you depend on caffeine and sugar to make it through the day?  If your head is slumping by 2:00 and your team sees you yawning at 3:00, then it may be time to unveil the Secret to Ultimate Energy.  Learn how sugar and caffeine actually work and how other alternatives may not only keep you awake, but will improve your health!

Kathy helped me tremendously with her amazing knowledge of nutrition and how it works at the cellular level. Her talks have really opened my eyes to the way I look at food.  I’m so thankful that we’ve had Kathy speak to us on nutrition, she truly is the best at what she does. Sean Casey, former major league baseball player and MLB network correspondent

Too Bad to Be Good?  The health benefits of chocolate, caffeine and fat!

Do you crave it?  Should you eat milk or dark?  And what exactly does chocolate do for your body? And what about fat and caffeine?  Are these foods you can ever enjoy if you want to stay healthy?  If you’ve ever wondered if you can enjoy bad-for-you-foods without guilt, then this session is for you! During this session you’ll learn the best way to indulge in treats and which habits are not healthful. Fun, fast-paced and GUILT FREE! Give your audiences a taste of how fun feeling energetic can be.

This keynote can extend to breakouts or half day workshops

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn exactly how these foods can be used to help participant stay energetic
  • Understand why we get tired and how the body creates energy
  • Supercharge your professional service team with a fun way to look at feeling energetic


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