If students don’t feel well, students don’t perform well.  Poor performance and retention rates caused by unhealthy students may affect your institution’s valuable reputation!  Kathy Parry will motivate, inspire and entertain students in ways that will have them embracing a variety of food options in the dining hall!   As students venture into highly critical years of not only gaining degrees, but also successful lives, they need to understand why food, stress and lifestyle choices will affect their future success.  Lectures are filled with humor and poignant stories to help students take action towards living a more healthful lifestyle.

Kathy is passionate about the diets of our young adults.  It is one thing for a four year old to be a picky eater however it is dangerous when these habits continue to adulthood.  Let Kathy inspire your students to be successful and healthy by learning about the power of whole, real foods.

“The Secret to Ultimate Energy for Finals”

The notorious all-nighter is commonplace during mid-terms and finals.  Let Kathy inspire your students to stop chugging Five Hour Energy and popping Adderall as a means to feeling energetic.  Students will learn how sugar, caffeine and neurological stimulates affect their bodies and how natural alternatives may not only help keep them awake, but will improve their health.  Students also receive post-finals tips for restoring health in order to have a successful next semester.

After listening to Ms. Parry I was inspired to sneak a few vegetables into my meals.  I now love zucchini lasagna!  I am much more conscious about what I’m eating and how healthy it is for me.  And her stories are hilarious!  Erin Kyle,  Penn State Behrend

Yes, You Are Killing Your Brain Cells: How your diet is affecting your success

The urban legend has been around forever, college students kill brain cells.  It isn’t a legend.  Artificial and chemically-based foods that students consume (not to mention alcohol) have been shown to have an effect on brain cells.  Students will be inspired to make more healthful food choices and have a better understanding how whole foods can help keep brain function optimal. 

I’m STRESSED Out: The Smart Student’s Plan for Reducing Stress

Papers, group projects, borderline grades, rocky relationships…the list of student stressors is long.  This lecture explains how stress affects health and why if stress goes unchecked, students may find themselves in a very unhealthy situation.  Students learn to distress in six steps. These steps will set students up for future workplace success.

Ms. Parry passion for healthy eating is inspiring!  I learned many simple tips and tricks to a better lifestyle in college. Her tips have helped me rethink what I’m about to eat.  Because of this, I have made better choices about late night eating and have increased my vegetable and fruit choices in the dining halls. Valerie Repischak, University of Indiana

What Would Jesus Eat: A Biblically Inspired Guide to Food

We all know Jesus was a fan of loaves and fishes, but what else can we learn from His diet? Join Kathy as she explores the benefits of a diet that Jesus may have eaten. The diet described in Scripture is often referred to as the Mediterranean Diet, we’ll look at the foods that Martha and Mary may have served Jesus and His disciples. The option for a second session looks at the reasons we have strayed far from a Biblically based diet. This What Jesus Wouldn’t Eat Session examines a diet with sugar, bad fats and chemicals. Be inspired and feel God’s presence in your food choices.

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