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Alicia Hudson
Employee Wellness Coordinator – Bwell Program
Bayer Corporation National Headquarters

Choosing a speaker is an important decision.

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Five Reasons Meeting and Convention Planners Love Booking Kathy Parry

  1. Experienced Speaker: Kathy has given hundreds of lectures, workshops and seminars to groups, clubs, associations and businesses.
  2. Fascinating Facts: By keeping up to date on the most current food and health related topics, Kathy keeps audiences enthralled with information.
  3. Fun and Humorous: As a mother of four, Kathy is relaxed and shares the humorous stories from her family’s front lines.  She is spontaneous and feeds off the audience to keep everyone engaged.
  4. Real and Authentic: You’ll hear the good and the bad habits that Kathy has experienced on her own journey to wellness. (Yes, she used to drink Diet Pepsi!)
  5. A Powerful Coach: Kathy uses coaching techniques to inspire her audiences to make immediate changes.

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