Kathy Parry

Kathy Parry shares vital information and humor from the front lines of her life to create an event that is fun, yet life-changing.  Audience members walk away with a pocket full of “ah-ha” moments.  Her energy keeps audiences engaged and her encouragement helps any willing participant start making healthful changes the second they leave the auditorium. She offers the take-away tips that audiences want and the “wow” factor and professionalism that meeting planners value.

Her Passion

Kathy is passionate about food.  Real food.  She helps others understand what real, whole foods are and how they affect health and vitality.  Kathy shares amazing food facts in funny, non-judgmental, yet information-packed sessions.

Kathy’s passion stems from her own family.  Raised by parents who grew a garden full of vegetables, Kathy has long embraced a whole food diet.  But that doesn’t mean she didn’t overcome eating obstacles.  She kicked her own three-a-day diet soda habit and still struggles with a mild chocolate addiction.  As a mother of four she fully understands the struggles of parents to feed their families well. In addition, because she’s experienced all the possible excuses for not eating kale (including: the cat licked it) she loves to encourage children, teens and young adults.  Kathy believes that food is one of our greatest joys. It is present at every significant event and celebration.  We share food with people we love and we give food to people in need.  Food has the power to transform health and Kathy wants to share her love of eating whole, real foods with you.


With degrees in Business and Food Management, Kathy set out to change the world of food; but first she trained bankers.  Giving into the pressure of all-serious-people-go-into-banking, Kathy discovered her love for standing up in front of people as she developed and delivered training programs for a super-regional bank in the South.  But every weekend Kathy was busy following food trends and cooking for friends.

After leaving the world of banking, Kathy jumped at the chance to get back to her real passion and she began to sell imported and specialty foods.  This emersion into food fueled her desire to encourage others to eat real food.  And soon, those others she was encouraging came in the form of her own four children.

Pureeing organic broccoli and avoiding Happy Meals became the food activities that filled her days.  But it was child number four that changed the way Kathy viewed food.  After a tumultuous six months of not knowing why her child who had daily, uncontrolled seizures was not thriving, Kathy finally got answers. Merritt Joy was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease.  Her cells didn’t metabolize food properly. Kathy spent the next several years becoming an expert in cellular function and received her certification in plant-based nutrition.

Kathy Parry with her daughter Merrit Joy

While the doctors predicted a two year life expectancy from this degenerative disease, Kathy shoved fish oil and tofu/kale smoothies down into Merritt with a good dose of hope.

Now twelve years later, Merritt Joy has never been hospitalized or suffered from any of the debilitating viruses the doctors feared.  She is highly disabled, but very healthy.

While Merritt’s condition could have been the flat tire that ruined Kathy’s food journey, it instead became the impetus for the passion that takes her and others to places of great health and vitality.

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